Multifamily Division

InterCoastal’s multifamily portfolio consists of nine affordable multifamily properties and four conventional multifamily properties distributed across nine states.  They range in size from single-building structures of fewer than 50 units to sprawling complexes of hundreds of units, and include properties as diverse as senior citizen communities, urban Section 8 properties, and traditional market-rate apartments.
Affordable Properties
Conventional Properties

InterCoastal began its existence owning and operating only affordable housing projects.  Its ongoing success in this area evidences the ability of InterCoastal’s staff to work closely and productively with many regional offices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, along with the housing agencies of numerous states, municipalities, and other local political divisions.  Fulfilling the requirements of all of these agencies
entails the creation and preservation of carefully detailed records, a skill facilitated by InterCoastal’s management procedures and accounting tools.

Among the company's multifamily properties are those that have undergone major renovations under the IRS's low income housing tax credit rehabilitation program.  InterCoastal is expert in the supervision of such properties, both as to their ongoing management and operation and as to the administration of the highly regulated rehabilitation projects themselves.

Over the years, as appropriate opportunities have arisen, InterCoastal has expanded its multifamily portfolio to include several conventional, market-rate properties.  Although not subject to the same comprehensive governmental oversight as affordable properties, InterCoastal conducts the operation and management of its conventional properties with the same care and attention to detail.