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President & CEO
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National Director -
Multifamily Housing
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Director of
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Multifamily Housing
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Multifamily Housing
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District Manager -
Multifamily, Eastern Region

Natalie Roberts



Mrs. Roberts and her recently deceased husband have spent the past 50 years and more developing a substantial portfolio of real estate.  In addition, Mrs. Roberts has been instrumental in the development of numerous corporate and partnership entities that have owned, managed, and developed many of the properties in her portfolio, including those in the residential, hospitality, and commercial sectors.
As one example of the her creativity and success, Mrs. Roberts and her husband recognized a need for senior housing catering to ambulatory individuals and couples who required assistance in cooking, transportation, and general care but who were otherwise fit and capable of taking care of themselves.  To accomplish that goal, Mrs. Roberts and her husband rehabilitated and converted an abandoned 14-story student dorm into Westwood Horizons, a 264-room luxury retirement facility in Los Angeles that they reopened in May, 1973, and which Mrs. Roberts continues to own and operate today.
In addition to Westwood Horizons, Mrs. Roberts and her husband developed several health related centers in California such as The Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica, The Oaks at Ojai, and The Palms in Palm Springs, and they have owned and operated several full-service hotels for their own account, including the Ramada Inn in West Hollywood, California, and Sheraton Hotels in Burlingame, California, at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois, and in Pontiac, Michigan.  In the late 1990s, Mrs. Roberts and her husband expanded their holdings into the affordable housing sector, resulting in their acquisition of a portfolio of over 5,000 residential units plus their associated leasing, regulatory compliance, maintenance, and management operations.